Startups that are part of Swedish Hotspot:

We are changing the global world of sports coaching by providing an easy-to-use, dynamic online platform for coaches and athletes

Adventure box
Adventure Box makes it easy and fun for anyone to make and share their own 3D video games in the web browser

Visiba - an e-health platform provider
Through our platform Visiba Care, we enable healthcare providers to open digital health centres under their own brand. Visiba Care makes it easy to meet patients through video communication, schedule appointments or drop-in, communicate through text, and gather patient information through smart forms.

We use our award-winning software technology to help e-commerce get faster websites, a better user experience, and an increase in revenue

An all-in-one platform, design community for websites

Plan, Analyze & Optimize Your Marketing Activities

A nische social media for sports coverage looking to replace the Facebook groups and Twitter accounts for the sports teams of the world


TICKETBIRD. Saving the word with simple customer support.


We create innovative experiences in virtual environments, together with our clients, by developing exclusive tools for those who wants to be on the bleeding edge.

Learning to Sleep
Learning to Sleep offer evidence-based improvement programs for people with sleeping problems through web and mobile solutions

Eat Create Sleep
We ask tough questions with our games and let the player explore the answers

Turn every event into a social network


The app for all Gardeners who love their own garden.

Allians is a digital card game where all players are represented on the cards. The strength of your card is decided by connecting your online gaming accounts such as Steam.

Sweden’s largest search and price service for building material

Friendbase  -  Chat, create, play
Mobile Commerce as a Service

Take your team to the next level with data-driven leadership

CloudMe is the European Cloud, a Backend as a Service (BaaS) for IoT and apps

Universal Avenue
Accelerating your growth

Your next customer is a friend of your satisfied customer. Enjoy the power of Customer Experience Marketing

iControl replaces paper with a mobile app at construction sites, saving each construction manager time by generating all their daily reports.

Worlds first 360° live VR camera.
By far the best way to produce fast and professional 360-degree videos

Worlds strongest 3D-printed parts at the office

XIOS/3Disruptive technology to replace HTML5 for business and SaaS apps, distributed through appstore for developers were components and pieces of apps are sold