Allians is a breakthrough in the evolution of digital card games. Unlike any other CCG, the cards represent real people - meaning you and your friends can become playable cards in any other players’ decks! Card strengths are based on the player’s online gaming achievements from paltforms such as Steam as well as progression in Allians itself. This means that you, and all participating players out there, are the ever-evolving characters in this cross-platform free-to-play game.

Card games monetize twice the average mid-core F2P games with a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars in 2015. We estimate half a million users within one year of launch. Revenue streams include card sales, opt-in advertising, cosmetic features and tournaments.

eSports stars and streamers with over 5 million fans have already signed up to become cards, opening up a way for them to truly interact with their fans - and vice versa.

Allians won the "Best In Show" award at Internet Discory Days, received a government grant for "a unique concept that can impact the gaming industry" and got a Steam Greenlit in 2 weeks.

The team behind Allians consists of award winning devs, designers and the former CEO of Dreamhack. Now, we are looking for investors and/or publishers to finalize development and bring Allians to the market.