Defining Touchless

We enable you full control of your tech using hand movements in the air

If it has a chip in it, you should be able to control it with the Cortex

In the 1930's came the first computer. Humanity now had a machine to help automate thinking tasks. In the 1960's it got small enough for home use. In the 2000's it became mobile and connected. Today, it is tiny enough to be built into almost anything. The next step in the computer revolution is to make things around us smart. But there is a problem: how do we control them, when there is no space for a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen? 

Erghis has an innovative new interface that solves this problem. Through 4 simple gestures, built around the concept of holding a Sphere we have created a standardisable way of communicating between man and machine. It is designed to work in a future where there is no necessity for touch-based interfaces, while being backwards compatible with the PC:s of yesterday. 

The Erghis Interaction Cortex is our software, that takes sensor input data and enables you full control of your tech. With it we are working towards one clear goal: If it has a chip in it, you should be able to control it with the Cortex. 

Come, meet us at Slush and get a unique opportunity to try our tech, hear about our plans and our traction (and what our customers in health care think of us). 

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