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Prindit increase innovation and productivity through real-time analytics, smart feedback and measurable improvements in less than 60 seconds per week. Companies using Prindit show productivity improvements with 27% and employee engagement improvements with 29%. 

Prindit is a cloud-based platform that uses measurements and analytics to boost team performance. We empower employees and teams in creating an innovative and high-performing workplace through data-driven team leadership and support systematic improvements through a weekly iterative engagement-loop of a three-step process. Prindit is based on scientifically verified success factors for projects, innovation and wellbeing at work.

Prindit is a spin-off from the research institute SICS Swedish ICT Västerås since October 2015, and is born out of more than 10 years of applied research, funded by Vinnova and EIT Digital. 

Prindit is easy to use, gives a quick overview of the current state and also shows trends in a very good way. It has made it possible to identify areas of improvements, which normally would not be detected in regular project meetings. Based on concrete results, it is easier to engage the team in defining actions to resolve issues.”
Project Manager ABB
We are already working with more than 30 customers in 10 countries and are looking for investment to scale faster.

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